Vinyl Banners Offer an Affordable and Durable Advertising Option

When it comes to banner signage, vinyl banners stand out the most. The banners are very popular, and this can be attributed to their flexibility and durability. If you are looking for a signage utility that offers a long-term service at the cheap cost, then look no further than vinyl banners.

Durability is a huge factor that makes these banners so popular. Vinyl banners remain functional whether they are on the street or indoors. The banners are made from high-quality materials that can withstand different climate conditions. While the material is sturdy, the ink used is unique, able to withstand the effect of UV rays and does not fade or chip under the sun or in the rain. A vinyl banner can last up to five years.

vinyl-banner-blanks-by-discount-signsThe various types of vinyl banners on offer bring in the variety that address the different tastes and needs of different people. Whether for doing promotional banners, ads, or any other publicity purpose, vinyl banners offer an array of options. Every banner put up is mean to pull the crowd; the most it stands out from the rest the more the masses is pull in thus the need to make the advertisement catchy and informative. The range of vinyl banners include:

Scrim vinyl – this banner is an ideal choice for indoor purposes. They are highly durable and have a good resistance to moisture and water. Scrim vinyl banners are also an excellent choice for outdoor publicity especially for signage that will be in place for an extended period.

Gloss vinyl – this banner is perfect for printings that need to have a vibrant display of colors. The banners will have the printed graphic covered by a special glossy coating to make the different colors “pop.”

Adhesive vinyl – the banner offer an almost limitless applications. Just from the name, you can tell that banners are designed to adhere to things. Adhesive banners are fixed to tiles, wood, metals, bricks, and other surfaces and are applicable for indoor and outdoor use.

Matte vinyl – are better for outdoor applications because they have a reduced glare making them a perfect choice for signage that need lots of images. The banners offer a better viewing angle due to the reduced glare.

Mesh vinyl – are an excellent choice for 100% outdoor applications. The banner can be placed on two poles and can withstand different climate conditions. The mesh makes the banner able to withstand strong winds and the effects of the sun.

Blackout vinyl – this type of vinyl banner is an ideal for double-sided printing. The banner have three layers of vinyl with the middle layer having a dense black color, which block light from passing through to distort the print on either side of the banner.


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